International Independent Film Awards





Honorable Mention Award Winners

(Spring 2018)

A Walk in the Park  Dir. by Dieter-Michael Grohmann  -  Directing

A Walk in the Park  Dir. by Dieter-Michael Grohmann  -  Narrative Short

I Miss You  Dir. by Ramesh Vijayan  -  Music Video

Million by Midnight  Dir. by  Jonathan Roberts  - Narrative Short 

Million by Midnight  Dir. by  Jonathan Roberts  - Student Film

Ode to Stockhausen  Dir. by Else Buschheuer  -  Experimental Film

Pearl of Wisdom  Dir. by  Shinhyoung Hwang  - Experimental Film  

Pearl of Wisdom  Dir. by  Shinhyoung Hwang  - Narrative Short

Pearl of Wisdom  Dir. by  Shinhyoung Hwang  - Student Film

(Winter 2018)

Adore The World  Dir. by  Wijnand Geraerts  -  Experimental Film  

Adore The World  Dir. by  Wijnand Geraerts  -  Sound Design/Editing

Atomic Kingdom  Dir. by  James Peniata  -  Webisode

Give Me Sight  Dir. by  Andy Nelson & Steve Herbert   -  Webisode

Identification  Dir. by  Julia Deak - Narrative Short

Jimmy Glasses   Dir. by milan karcic  -  Experimental Film

Pedro at the Rainbow Bridge  Dir. by  Artie Romero  -  Documentary Short

Sugar Loaf   Dir. by Rome Imari Mubarak -  Student Film

(Fall 2017)

Copper-digger  -  Dir. by  Maxwell Neeley -  Student Film

E.P.I.C. -   Dir. by  Dustin Richardson   - Student Film

Good Karma: An Immigrant Story -   Dir. by  Kevin Flint  &  Brian Flint -  Documentary Feature

Tears Of July -   Dir. by  Curtis Maynard -  Concept 

Time Flies -   Dir. by Daniel Chan -  Trailers

(Summer 2017)

Moonlanders  Dir. by  Wendy Rubinyi  -  Television Pilots

Trellis & Vine   Dir. by  Arden Teresa Lewis -  Narrative Short

Unseen  Dir. by Grace Behrends  - Editing

(Spring 2017)

Domestia  Dir. by Jamon Holmes  - Actor In A Leading Role  (Jamon Holmes)

Eyes Dir. by Rajendra Gour - Experimental Film

Prime Perfect  Dir. by Tom Bessoir - Experimental Film

Substratae Dir. by Margie Kelk - Animated Characters

Substratae Dir. by Margie Kelk - Animation

The Algebra of Need Dir. by David Williams - Narrative Feature

The Little Chapel  Dir. by Richard Schertzer - Narrative Short

The Little Chapel  Dir. by Richard Schertzer - Student Film

(Winter 2017)

Ant  Dir. by  Zhongwen Hu  - Animation

Shattered  Dir. by  Yeeshai Gross & Matt Scott  - Choreography

Shattered  Dir. by  Yeeshai Gross & Matt Scott  - Editing 

The Night Explorer Dir. by Ilonamarja Laine  - Animated Characters

(Fall 2016)

Cross+Words Dir. by Anice Jee - Experimental Film

Discovery  Dir. by Jeffrey M. Davis -  Narrative Short

In Production  Dir. by Mikhail Tot  -  Narrative Feature

In Production  Dir. by Mikhail Tot  - Screenplay

Muxe  Dir. by Michael Satzinger - Narrative Feature

New York Comic Con 2016 cosplay montage  Dir. by  Paul Sanders - Editing

Operation Chaos by  Steve Bensinger - Screenplay

The Fare  Dir. by  Sean Amaral - Actor In A Leading Role (Aaron Harper )

The Fare  Dir. by  Sean Amaral - Actress In A Leading Role (Arlene Newman-Van Asperen)

The Fare  Dir. by Sean Amaral -  Narrative Short 

(Summer 2016)

#DateNightMovie Dir. by Keith Martins - Special Effects Make-up

4 and 1/2 Walls Dir. by Mazas - Experimental Film

At All Cost  Dir. by Vickie Kellermann-Doerr & Brian Elliott  - Narrative Feature

Bodh Dir. by Arindam Barooah -  Narrative Short

Flower Porn Dir. by Else Buschheuer - Experimental Film

FSM News On the Road: I'm In Debt Dir. by Jamiya Smith - Editing

Here’s Hoping!!! Dir. by Preeti Tiwari  - Webisode 

Immigration Turf  Dir. by Rafael Flores  -  Experimental Film

Presidential Dog Debate Dir. by Dr. Teresa Mular - Screenplay

Pushing Dir. by Ryan LaPine  -  Experimental Film   

Simone Dir. by Jack Reilly - Student Film

Straight Edge Kegger Dir. by Jason Zink  -  Trailers

The Bird May Die Dir. by Hamid Tamjidi - Narrative Feature

The Journey of Tia Dir. by  Kevin Wendell Jones  -  Documentary Short

The Night Caller Dir. by Craig Ahrens - Narrative Short

Trevor and Evor by Sasha Siljanovic - Shorts Scripts

We Set Them Free  Dir. by  Doug Roos  - Narrative Short 

We Set Them Free  Dir. by  Doug Roos  - Special Effects Make-up  

What's My Intention Dir. by C. Stephen Foster - Webisode


(Spring 2016)

1 1/2 HORA Dir. by  Jose Antonio Pérez Ramírez  -  Narrative  Feature

Exile Dir. by Alberto Martín-Aragón  - Experimental Film

Genesis  Dir. by Alberto Martín-Aragón - Experimental Film

Into The Light Dir. by Diana Rumjahn - Student Film


Nurse Whatshisface Dir. by Dustin Richardson - Student Film

Outlaws of the Marsh Revisited - Season Three Episode 13 Dir. by Kevin Yang - Webisode

Shit Head Monica Dir. by Nadia Talel - Student Film

Subversive  Dir. by Joseph Villapaz - Experimental Film

The Mischievous Chair   Dir. by  Cyrus Wu - Student Film 

(Winter 2016)

A Walk in the Park Dir. by J.B. Edwards - Narrative Short


Escaping the Gang Life  Produced by  Klement Tinaj & Roman Xing (Xing, Han) - Narrative Short

Exscind Dir. by Les Sholes - Narrative Feature

Mirror Dir. by Ryan B. Adams - Narrative Short

MOVE! Dir. by Geraerts - Soundtrack

Night Without Shade by Dimitri Dietrich Limpert - Screenplay

Pizza Shop Dir. by Devone Jones  - Actor In A Supporting Role (Dru T. Brant)

Red State Blues Dir. by Kyle Bergersen - Television Pilots

RUN Dir. by JJ McMoon - Directing 

RUN Dir. by JJ McMoon - Editing

RUN Dir. by JJ McMoon - Narrative Feature 

See My Breath Dir. by Jody Quigley - Music Video

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not Dir. by Patrick Poe - Narrative Feature

Storm Is Now Dir. by Bille Anthony Sinclair - Directing 

Storm Is Now Dir. by Bille Anthony Sinclair - Production Design 

The Abducted Dir. by Larry Rosen - Concept

The Abducted Dir. by Larry Rosen  - Directing

The Abducted Dir. by Larry Rosen  - Narrative Short

The Spanish Teacher by Barbara de la Cuesta - Feature Scripts

(Fall 2015)

Aging and Falling  Dir. by  Luciana Lagana     - Documentary Feature

Class One Apparition   Dir. by  Leopold Vincent Medley   -   Student Film

Dream Dir. by   Jason Lee  - Experimental Film

Dream Dir. by   Jason Lee  - Student Film 

Ducky Duck  Dir. by Marc Ryan -  Animation

Kaamdev to Karrmyogi Dir. by  subhash ahuja -  Narrative Feature

La Liberacion de AlEXIS / The Discovery of Santos Dir. by Ralph Isenberg & Joe De La Fuente  -  Documentary Short

Revelation 12 Dir. by Micheleangela Brilliance  - Documentary Feature

RUINS    Dir. by Alberto Martín-Aragón    - Experimental Film

Steppin' Out! by Steve Bensinger - Screenplay

The Fourth Night   by Mike Briock  - Screenplay

The Last Catch Dir. by Matthew Paris - Narrative Short

The Ruination of Anthony Guma Dir. by Brett Parker  - Television Pilots

(Summer 2015)

14 DAYS Dir. by Joseph Villapaz - Experimental Film

40 Weeks... And a Half!  Dir. by Lourdes Alcaniz & Luis Perea  - Concept

I Matter to The World Dir. by  Steve Cosmic  - Music Video

Making it with Moraes Dir. by Paul S. Berry, MD  - Television Pilots

MOVE! Dir. by Geraerts - Experimental Film

(Spring 2015)

Flipping Dir. by JIN KYU AHN  - Experimental Film

Johnny Diggity Dir. by Booder Barnes & Norman Magden  - Narrative Feature

MANBEAST  Dir. by Brandon Aquino & Randall Avilez  - Webisode

Minotaur Dir. by Emy Bulloch  - Editing

Omadox  Dir. by James Noel   - Student Film

Rites of Passage  Dir. by Phillip Crawford  - Concept

Rites of Passage  Dir. by Phillip Crawford  - Experimental Film

Romanian Dir. by Artur Boruzs  - Student Film

The Confrontation  Dir. by Sabina Jacobsson - Narrative Short

There's Something Under the Bed  Dir. by Dale Ward - Cell Phone Made Films

UFO Cookbook, "Call Me Babs" Dir. by Akuokuo Vallis  - Webisode

Viloma...dicovery in duality Dir. by Arvind Narale - Narrative Feature

(Winter 2015)

CAPSTONE Dir. by Freedom Hopkins - Narrative Short

God is American Dir. by Richard Martin-Jordan - Documentary Feature

He Wore Black And White Dir. by Connor Lawson - Actor In A Supporting Role (Jordan Dove)

Hood-Man Dir. by Jordan Dove - Student Film

I Love LA Dir. by Valerio Esposito - Webisode

LOOKIN' UP by Steven Carter - Screenplay

Maltreatment Dir. by Daniel Vivanco - Narrative Feature

SPIN THE GEEK by Dan Reheuser - Feature Scripts

The Box Dir. by Hugo Martinez - Editing

Why Do You Smell Like The Ocean? Dir. by Kevin Baggott - Narrative Feature

(Fall 2014)

101 Secrets Dir. by Tophy Cho - Narrative Feature

Ace on Fire Dir. by Kristian Messere  - Narrative Feature

Dispossessed Dir. by Cheyanne Kane - Narrative Short

Dr. Luciana Show – Aging and Falling Dir. by Luciana Lagana - Webisode

Finding a horseshoe on the beach of Rio Dir. by Leon Louis VEGA aka Lionel Combecau   - Experimental

Fodder Dir. by Jack Ofield - Animation

Hermeticum by Ramunas Abukevicius - Screenplay

Love in the City Dir. by Emanuele Michetti - Experimental

Man in a Box Dir. by Kevin Davis - Narrative Feature

My Heroes Dir. by Suresh K Goswami - Documentary Short

Sick World Dir. by Hyun-Mi Park - Documentary Feature

Streamer Dir. by Jared Bratt - Narrative Short

The Bell Dir. by Edson Luiz de Almeida - Documentary Short

The Columbia Steps Dir. by Jensen Davis - Student

(Summer 2014)

3 Sons of a Gun by James Christopher & Billy Kring -Feature Script

Against Type Dir. by Dave Shelton - Television Pilot

Being Selfish Dir. by Rachel Linehan - Student Film

Complex Dir. by Curtis Matzke - Narrative Feature

DESESPERADOS Dir. by Ludovica Lirosi & Juan Diego Puerta Lopez - Webisode

Fade Away Dir. by Jethro Rothe-Kushel - Music Video

Gamer or hacker ? Dir. by Antoine Douchet - Narrative Feature

I Am Worthless Dir. by Micah Troublefield - Narrative Feature

I Know You Dir. by Colin Gerrard - Narrative Short

Maybe Me Dir. by Robert Rabinovitz - Experimental

Me Dir. by Sammeer Satiish - Narrative Feature

Michael Half-Life Dir. by David Maddox - Narrative Short

Nano-man by David Andrew Hall - Feature Script

National Pastime by David J Lieto - Short Script

On The Side Of The Road Dir. by Lia Tarachansky - Documentary Feature

S.A.L. (Serious About Love) by Dean H. Huh & Chris Arocho - Television Pilot

Slushamed Dir. by Marisa McInnes-Taylor - Narration

Slushamed Dir. by Marisa McInnes-Taylor - Narrative Short

Stanley Ishkhanyan's Next Big Thing by Dale Andersen - Feature Script

Teenagers Dir. by Paul Verhoeven - Narrative Feature

To Save Dir. by Qiuchen Cao - Student Film

We Weren't Given Anything for Free Dir. by Eric Esser & Caro Krugmann - Documentary Feature

What Does It Mean Dir. by Tracy L Rioux - Music Video

Summer 2018 IIFA

Final FF Deadline Sept. 17th 2018